Kelli & Neil’s Seattle Engagement Session


I’m so excited to finally share this engagement session because these two are so near and dear to my heart. Kelli, the beautiful blond, is one of my best friends from college, and Neil is her childhood crush turned fiance. They got engaged on a romantic Napa trip disguised as a birthday trip – Neil was such a cutie and planning the whole thing to the T, and when I got Kelli’s video text tell us about it (we were still in Europe), I just about died with excitement and happiness.

Their story is SO stinking cute – Kelli & Neil grew up together in Visalia and Kelli had the biggest crush on Neil – she would write about him in her diary and the entries are absolutely hilarious. Then on day, Neil moved to Australia and Kelli was devastated. He was gone for most of their childhood/teen years, but returned to Visalia sophomore year of high school. They remained close throughout high school in the same friend group, and even went to the school Harvest Dance together when Kelli’s boyfriend couldn’t go. Flash forward to post-college days, Kelli was living in San Diego and visited her grandpa in Seattle, where Neil was working and living. They hung out, rekindled their friendship/loveship, and spent a year of long distance dating before Kelli moved to Seattle. And the rest is history! It’s so wonderful seeing how happy Neil makes Kelli and how much they love and respect each other, and it was such a joy to spend the weekend getting to know Neil better and documenting this fun time in their lives. I can’t wait for their wedding THIS WEEKEND and to see them FINALLY tie the knot (23 years in the making!). Love you both and SO excited to celebrate you this weekend!






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