Chanda & Daniel’s Cherry Blossoms & Chrissy Field Engagement Session

Chanda & Daniel’s engagement session was SO much fun! We started in their neighborhood in Japan Town and explored the area a bit before heading to the blooming cherry blossoms. It was such a beautiful time on the year in this neighborhood, with so many blooming flowers and trees. We then did an outfit switch and drove down to Chrissy Field for some pictures with the Golden Gate Bridge. I LOVED Chanda’s bright red dress and how it stood out so much on the beach and with the pastel sunset. They totally embraced some of my fun prompts and totally went all out with some biodegradable confetti. It was AWESOME. 

When I asked them to make up a handshake they went crazy and it was the best. 

I don’t even remember what prompted this but they went all out!

I told you they were the best.

So many confetti fails! I still crack up at remember how hard this was. 

But we ended up getting some good ones in the end 🙂 

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